Trump Told White House Staff NOT to Issue Any Apologies, Says Anderson Cooper [VIDEO]

This week Anderson Cooper railed against the Trump administration for its refusal to criticize—or even apologize for—a communications staffer who dismissed Senator John McCain’s influence by saying, “He’s dying anyway.”

Cooper told viewers on his Anderson Cooper 360:

Let’s call this what it is. The White House has obviously been instructed not to apologize for something it clearly should just apologize for and move on. Now, the president’s staff and supporters are running around, throwing smoke screens.

They’re trying to make it about leaks, about an internal matter, and all common sense and common decency are simply ignored.

As Newsweek reports, Cooper said his team of researchers were able to find only one public apology issued by President Donald Trump: the one issued following the revelation of the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

Cooper contrasted that with a very long list of times Trump has demanded apologies from people—particularly the media and political opponents.

Trump is notorious for refusing to issue apologies, even when his own supporters argue that one is warranted. For example:

  • Neither the White House nor Trump apologized for disparaging remarks made about Haiti.
  • He has similarly refused to apologize or condemn some members of his base following a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, during which a white nationalist murdered a protesting bystander.
  • Trump has also refused to issue an apology after stating flatly that McCain—who spent about five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam—was not a war hero.

While the staffer who made the crude remark, Kelly Sadler, called McCain’s daughter last Thursday to apologize for the remarks, no public apology has been issued from either the White House or Sadler.

Journalists and TV personalities have repeatedly asked Trump about his philosophy on apologies and his reticence to say “I’m sorry.” In response, he has mostly made a joke of the question, or said, as he did to Jimmy Fallon,

I totally think apologizing is a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize in the sometime hopefully distant future—if I’m ever wrong.


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