Oklahoma GOP Candidate: ‘Euthanasia Is Cheaper’ Than Food Stamps for the Disabled, Poor, and Elderly

A Republican candidate for governor of Oklahoma says people on food stamps who are disabled or otherwise unable to work should be euthanized.

In a now-deleted Facebook post on the Christopher Barnett for Governor page—in fact, as of this writing, the entire ChrisForGov Facebook page is gone, as is his Twitter feed—the GOP candidate made a number of shocking comments. Here are some screenshots from before the posts were deleted:

The Republican candidate allegedly wrote,

The ones who are disabled and can’t work…why are we required to keep them? Sorry but euthanasia is cheaper and doesn’t make everyone a slave to the Government….

Obviously, I’m not saying the Government should put these people down. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t keep them up.

If they can take care of themselves without Government assistance, great. If not, let them starve and die. Easy as that.

After Barnett erased his Facebook and Twitter accounts, he told KFOR, Oklahoma’s NBC affiliate, that as a result of the comments going viral, he’s been receiving death threats. And now he swears the comments weren’t his—that someone hacked his pages.

There are people saying they want to shoot me, they are going to assassinate me, they are going to shoot me, they are going to blow us up. I’m in this election. I’m not dropping out. They’re not going to intimidate me.

We knew politics could get nasty. We never imagined it would go to this extent.

The page featured videos of the candidate talking into the camera and thanking supporters, so it’s unlikely he was hacked and didn’t realize it.

Barnett says all of his Facebook pages have been compromised, including the one for his carpet cleaning business, but that he has been unsuccessful in getting any help from Facebook. He has not yet filed a police report, telling KFOR he’s waiting on advice from counsel.

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