Hannity Humiliated In Botched Attempt To Paint Trump As A Hero [WATCH]

Sean Hannity benefits greatly from Donald Trump being in office, his close relationship and influence over the president is clear as day for any American who has the brain to see it. Which is why he will continue to defend Trump, no matter what drastic action his fearless leader takes.

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“You know, it was sort of interesting because I noticed some of the press…and I’m not even knocking them, because honestly they’ve been treating me very good on this subject. What’s to treat badly? But some of the press would say, ‘he’s meeting with them, therefore he had a major loss.’ I said, ‘since when?’ ” Trump declared this Tuesday.

The Daily Show exposed Hannity, on Tuesday, using clips of the host’s previous statements to poke fun at the Fox host over his undying support for Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un.

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In the brief video, Hannity’s vicious attacks on former President Obama for relaxing the U.S.’s diplomatic policies with Cuba are contrasted side-by-side with his gleeful approval for Trump’s rhetoric and policy towards North Korea, making it seem like the Fox host is having a hilarious argument with himself.

In the perfectly executed video, Hannity claims that he sees the “parallels” between Trump and former President Reagan, who famously sat down with leaders of the Soviet Union during his presidency, while other clips see him contrasting Obama to former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, famous for his forgiveness of Adolf Hitler.



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