Former President Obama’s Museum and Library Will Include a Replica of the Oval Office

The Obama Presidential Center, a museum and library to be built in Chicago and dedicated to Barack Obama’s presidency, will include a replica Oval Office with augmented virtual reality technology to enhance the viewing experience, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Museum director Louise Bernard said, “We imagine that will be a real draw for people and for young people as well, to kind of see themselves in that space.” The Oval Office replica will include a recreation of the historic Resolute desk Obama used, so visitors can “see the kinds of furnishings that President Obama had.”

The museum will chronicle Obama’s eight years in the White House and document the historical significance of his being the first African American president.

A nationwide network of fifteen presidential libraries maintain the archives of various US administrations in partnership with the National Archives and Records Administration. Several of those institutions also include Oval Office replicas, including the libraries of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The museum will take up about half of the signature building on the future Obama Center campus in Jackson Park, a 165,000 square-foot tower to rise 235 feet with eight stories plus several mezzanine levels. The Obama Center is expected to take at least two more years to complete. It will be located in Chicago’s South Side, near the neighborhoods where Obama first entered politics and taught law at the University of Chicago.

Among other elements, the complex will include a city library and a museum—a portion of which will take visitors inside the Obama White House. Museum memorabilia is likely to range from Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize medal to first lady Michelle Obama’s dresses, according to the newspaper.

Obama and former first lady Michelle, Obama Foundation officials have said, want their museum to deal with more than the eight years they lived in the White House.

According to Bernard, the first level will go back to “the moments, milestones in US history that would lead to the election of the first African-American president.”

The second level will look at Obama’s two terms “and then a level that will be dedicated to what we are calling ‘life in the White House.’ ”

Bernard said that third floor will deal with “aspects of life in the West and East wings, the first African-American family in the White House, and really thinking also about the people behind the scenes at the White House who made this place run.”

Can you imagine Trump ever having the humanity to create something like this?

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